(AJ & Dave)

A.J. Kiernan and Dave Herrera are singer/songwriters from Central/Western, MA, who also happen to be siblings. Both were born in San Antonio, TX, but relocated North as children. Growing up in Haverhill, MA this sister/brother crew has been singing harmonies and slinging tunes together since childhood. The pair recently started making music together again after a near decade hiatus; both working separately in the entertainment industry. After reconnecting due to the passing of their father in 2019, the two started creating together again as though no time had passed. 

"I had wanted to start a new career for a while. Dave gave me the push I needed to get back into songwriting where I belong. Even though we got together for a sad reason, the end result was something I think would make our family smile." A.J. says with a grin.

Dave asked A.J. to work with him on his YouTube based children's show to aid with promotion and production assistance, and even helping with puppetry!  (His sister was more than happy to oblige!) 

Soon, their pairing opportunities increased, when A.J. asked Dave to sit in to help her out post throat surgery to 'ease the burden' on her; Dave would play bass/sing with another of A.J.'s bands with Serena May Smith, 'The Ugly Girls'.

People responded more than favorably to the sound of A.J. and Dave back together again after all these years. To quote A.J., singing with her brother was 'like finding home again'. 

Not long after their gigs with T.U.G., A.J. asked Dave to play on some of her newer material off the April release of her WATER BEAR album, as well as on the new W.B. E.P.(official release date TBD soon!) Before long Dave was coming for weekly rehearsals, and the pair booked gigs all over New England. Finally, Dave relented; accepting his status as an official member of WATER BEAR.

A.J. is mainly recovered from her procedures now, but has the W.B. music still in the works. They plan on doing some traveling post pandemic with a new E.P. and another project not far behind! Their mutual companies are growing every day, and the pair is joining forces (with Hole in the Wall Studio and Dave's A/V company Bow Tie Studios/Fun Time) to produce some puppet-centered feature films! 

The sky is the limit for this brother/sister team. Hole in the Wall Studio is even looking to help publish and write for and with other artists along the way. 

"I know one thing with absolute clarity now. I am a healer. I'm meant to heal, share, and help others do the same though music. I aim to do just that for as long as I'm alive." A.J. says.

Dave just shrugs with modesty. "I play bass." he jokes, as his sister punches him in the shoulder. "You play everything!" she laughs.

With songs like 'Cry', 'No Reason', 'Don't Know' and 'Still Looking' off Rusted Moon making the charts and catching ears all over the world, there's no doubt WATER BEAR is going places quickly. Heavily scheduled for some dates in 2022/2023, WATER BEAR is building their original musical catalog from the ground up. 

And they have no plans to slow down anytime soon.

A.J. & Dave getting ready to jam.

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