1. No Reason
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All songs are:
© 2021 WATER BEAR/ A.J. Kiernan
©2021 Hole in the Wall Studio

All songs performed by :
A.J. Kiernan: (Lead Vocals/Back-Up Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Bass Guitar/Percussion)
Jess Adams:(Back-up Vocals/Lead Vocals)
Jared Fiske:(Lead Guitar/2nd Rhythm/Keys/Bass Guitar/Percussion)
Rob Adams: (Lead/2nd Rhythm Guitar/Back-Up Vocals)
Jackie Damsky: (Violin)
Seth Adams: (Percussion/Bass Guitar)


No Reason (Written by: A.J. Kiernan)

It's been five years
finally filled my cup
not so broken down,
but it's not enough

Yeah I want things back
the way they used to be
didn't need to smell your skin
when you're hovering over me

'cause there's no reason at all
there's no reason at all
why you should catch me
why you should break my fall, oh
I shouldn't be in love with you

So the minutes pass
they bleed into days
finding so many reasons
to see your face

No you're not my type;
honey, you never were
but I never felt this way
yeah, you make it hurt


No you're not my type.

Baby I'm not so blind,
yeah, I see the way
you act in front of her
yeah, you'd be amazed
if you knew how much
that I already knew
so please just kiss me now
I'm right in front of you!


There's no reason at all, oh oh oh
There's no reason at all, no reason
No reason to be
in love with you