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All songs are:
© 2021 WATER BEAR/ A.J. Kiernan
©2021 Hole in the Wall Studio

All songs performed by :
A.J. Kiernan: (Lead Vocals/Back-Up Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Bass Guitar/Percussion)
Jess Adams:(Back-up Vocals/Lead Vocals)
Jared Fiske:(Lead Guitar/2nd Rhythm/Keys/Bass Guitar/Percussion)
Rob Adams: (Lead/2nd Rhythm Guitar/Back-Up Vocals)
Jackie Damsky: (Violin)
Seth Adams: (Percussion/Bass Guitar)


Nothing to Hide (Written by : A.J. Kiernan)

Headed down the Mississippi border
to the farthest point to chase your ghost
tried to find something familiar
to hit the point
where I'd loved you the most

when I hit bottom I turned around
thinking I'd still reach you
'cause how to love with your whole heart
is something I can never teach you

and I've got nothing to hide
no deep, dark secrets to carry inside
I've got nothing to hide my pride
I just don't want to take your
pictures off the wall, no

So excuse me
if you're confused by this arrangement
I've made no promises that I couldn't keep
so there's no reason for you
to be crying in the night
like a wild dog moon
in the middle of the street

I said 'I love you'
and that's all I want in return
I wish you'd believe me
'cause I'm too old to be out running around
and you're far too young
to say that you don't need me


I just don't wanna take your pictures down;
I just don't want to take your pictures off the wall