1. Breadlines
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All songs are:
© 2021 WATER BEAR/ A.J. Kiernan
©2021 Hole in the Wall Studio

All songs performed by :
A.J. Kiernan: (Lead Vocals/Back-Up Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Bass Guitar/Percussion)
Jess Adams:(Back-up Vocals/Lead Vocals)
Jared Fiske:(Lead Guitar/2nd Rhythm/Keys/Bass Guitar/Percussion)
Rob Adams: (Lead/2nd Rhythm Guitar/Back-Up Vocals)
Jackie Damsky: (Violin)
Seth Adams: (Percussion/Bass Guitar)


Breadlines (Written by: A.J. Kiernan)

Breadlines and coffee signs
don't know what it says
'bout the end of times, but
does anybody really know
just where we are?

Quiet night, full bar
gentle thrum of the bass guitar
and I've got myself
a little whiskey in a jar

Well there's got to be
a better way to find it
that illusive thrill of life
that causes so much strife
well there's got to be
someone who'll remind me
of that simple girl I knew
before this cry went and brought me next
to you