1. Cry
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Length: 4:7 (MM:SS)
Hole in the Wall Studios (WATER BEAR), Contributors:
A.J. Kiernan (Performer), Lead Vocals/Guitar (Performer), Jess Adams (Performer), Back-up Vocals (Performer), Jared Fiske (Performer), Lead Guitar/Keys/Bass (Performer), A. J. Kiernan (Composer), A. J. Kiernan (Lyricist)


(Written by: A.J. Kiernan)

Hey there; I'm talking to you
your lightening
is a little bit too quick this time
so hold your tongue if you think you can

Excuses; they're not easy but yours
are a little bit better than mine
so take them away and what do you get?

So what do I do?
I'm walking around with a feeling
I'm in over my head I'm dizzy in doubt;
what you think you've found
I guess I'll just cry

It's not fair it took me this long
but it's easy to remember just why
I passed you over many times before

You kissed me; I knew that you would
and maybe I didn't even mind
but it's a lie to think that I could give more


cry for the way I made you feel
so many times before
but you were wrong;
it's not real it's not real
So what do I do?
you're flashing those eyes,
and I can't help it if I just don't care
so look the other way
you haven't found anything.